Two States Launch Their First Support Groups

Two States Launch Their First Support Groups

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Two states recently started their first amputee support group, bringing the total states with registered support groups to 47.

Aloha Limbs meets in Honolulu monthly and Un-Limb-Ited Support Group meets in Center, North Dakota. Both are the first registered support group meetings for their respective states.

Amputee support groups provide an invaluable place for new amputees and their family members to connect with others who have overcome similar challenges. Our goal is to build more and more connections where the limb loss/limb difference community can receive support vital to recovery. The Amputee Coalition advocates for the power of connecting individuals with a shared experience as a vital component of recovery.

“These groups are terrific examples of our goal to support populations that are more remote from large population centers,” says Tonya Osborne-Simpson, director of Peer Support Programs. “It demonstrates the power of the limb loss community to extend across the United States and spread into regions that can be harder to reach.”

The Amputee Coalition maintains a calendar of a nationwide support group network that can be searched by name or address, as well as a support group meeting calendar of current meetings in our database.