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The passing of Belinda Jacobi

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The Amputee Coalition is saddened by the news that we have lost another champion of our community. Belinda Jacobi passed away on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Belinda was the president of Moving Forward Limb Loss Support Group of Southern Indiana and Kentucky. I knew Belinda for only a short time but remember her support of our 2017 conference in Louisville and her legislative efforts for amputees. I have asked Kelly Grey, her close friend and Vice President of the Moving Forward Limb Loss Support Group for permission to post her tribute to Belinda here.

Belinda was a very caring leader of Moving Forward Limb Loss Support Group from the very beginning in 2012. She took on a role, not only as president, but as a self-proclaimed, Mother Hen. She was so proud of the group in general, but most importantly she was proud of each and every individual. Many times if anyone fell short of describing themselves, Belinda was always happy to add in an extra strength or two. Belinda held her family so dear and was extremely proud of Carter and Deklan in many ways. Shelton was always by her side to help with the group and many times just to hold her hand, but he was never far behind.

Belinda put in a lot of work into starting and preserving this group. She helped so many people by visiting, calling, encouraging, presenting opportunities and connecting people that would benefit both parties. She helped break down barriers between the prosthetic companies and our group members.

Belinda was always grateful to add in a touch of humor. So many people benefitted from her never-ending love and dedication to this group. She created opportunities for this group to blossom beyond what our original plans were. Thank you, Belinda. We will forever miss you!

Thank you, Kelly, for this heartfelt tribute. The Amputee community, the Amputee Coalition and I offer our sincere condolences, to her family, friends and the members of the Moving Forward Limb Loss Support Group.

Jack Richmond
Amputee Coalition