Mike St. Onge

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name Mike St. Onge
Education (degrees) AA
Intuitional Affiliation
Where you live and work Oro Valley, AZ
Expertise Area CPV, certified peer visitor, governmental advocate, patient model for prosthetic programs, and prosthetic manufactures. He is a motivational speaker and guest lecturer for multiple universities and colleges
Why I volunteer for the AC Mike has been a quadramembral amputee since January 2000 from pneumococcal pneumonia, sepsis and gangrene. Since his amputations he has been actively involved in the community. He is motivated to continue his contributions with the Amputee Coalition on the Science and Medical Advisory Committee. Being on SciMAC will allow him to share over two decades of experience with those newer fellow amputees and help empower them to live their fullest life.
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