LuAnn Kleemeyer

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name LuAnn Kleemeyer
Education (degrees) B.S. Psychology /Theology
Intuitional Affiliation Quincy University
Where you live and work Quincy, Illinois
Expertise Area Support Group Leader, Lead Advocate, Certified Peer Visitor, EdCon Committee member, Motivational speaker, Bible study facilitator, and all around ready to help where needed.
Why I volunteer for the AC I am a high RAK amputee who is very tough fit and must wear a belt with my device and use a cane . I am interested in what is being done in the advancement of devices for amputees. I had so many people reach out to me with help after my accident that that is my goal- to give back any way I can. I enjoy being in the loop and helping with decisions that must be made for the betterment of all amputees to live their best lives.
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