Laura Pickoff

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name Laura Pickoff
Education (degrees) Master of Social Work, University of MD
Bachelor of Science, Lesley University
Intuitional Affiliation
Where you live and work Work- Manager of Case Management and Social Work at Adventist Healthcare Rehabilitation in Rockville, MD
Live-Gaithersburg, MD
Expertise Area Case Management
Social Work
Why I volunteer for the AC While I have been in my field for a number of years now, I joined our rehab team 13 years ago, first as a social worker with our amputee patients and later as a case manager. I am co-lead of our Amputee Program Team and a PALS instructor. It has been exciting to watch our program develop and I greatly enjoy interacting with this population. I have helped plan our annual Amputee Awareness 5K and have spoken at a couple of Amputee Conferences. I have learned so much working in this field and am glad to be able to give back by volunteering for the AC. I am honored to be able to participate in SciMac and to learn from others while also sharing my expertise.
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