Kyle Potter

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name COL Benjamin “Kyle” Potter
Education (degrees) MD
Intuitional Affiliation Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Where you live and work Bethesda, MD
Expertise Area DoD/VA musculoskeletal oncologist and orthopaedic surgeon with interest and expertise in advanced amputation techniques including osseointegration, targeted muscle reinnervation, regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces, and agonist-antagonist myoneural interface amputations in an effort to improve function and relieve/prevent phantom and residual limb pain, as well as considerable research efforts in these areas as well as heterotopic ossification, functional outcomes, gait, myoneural control and haptic feedback, and primary and secondary complications of limb loss.
Why I volunteer for the AC I have spent the vast majority of my military and medical careers caring for wounded warriors and other individuals with limb loss. As both a surgeon and a clinician-scientist, I have dedicated myself to improving the functional outcomes and quality of life for these patients and am honored to have the opportunity to further contribute to this as a SciMAC member for the AC.
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