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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name Anne T. Wieland, CTRS, MHA
Education (degrees) Masters of Science in Health Administration and Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation
Intuitional Affiliation MossRehab
Where you live and work Live-Levittown, PA
Expertise Area Please list all that apply: AC Trainer of Certified Peer Visitor, Recreational Therapist, Adaptive Recreation (biking, golfing, fishing, camping, gardening, running, etc.) Director of Camp Independence, Pain and Its Impact on Persons with Amputation, Importance of Remaining Active and Engaged for Persons with Amputation, Support Group Leader, Healthcare Representative on the AC Peer Support Committee, AC Hospital Partner Point of Contact, Actively served on OPAF Advisory Board, and I am expert at being passionate.
Why I volunteer for the AC Why you volunteer for the AC? I volunteer with the AC because it is an amazing organization with a small mighty group of individuals that need as much assistance as feasible to get there message out. Individuals with amputation need the AC and needed to be informed of all the benefit and support the AC can provide. I am honestly a “boots on the ground” passionate champion of all things AC.
What does participation in SciMAC mean to you? It means that I get to help further the mission of the AC. It means I can ensure that resources are update and available for the individuals I treat. It means that more outreach can be achieved. It means I can lend my voice and experience working at MossRehab for the past 17 years. I have an amazing team of dedicated physical therapist, occupational therapist, MD, nurses, etc. that I can seek support from to help with the SciMac projects. If each of does a part of a larger task the task will all of sudden with not seem so large.
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