Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Connecting Online for People With Limb Loss

Web Development Fact Sheet

Updated 04/2019 – Download PDF

Online Communication Resources

The Amputee Coalition has a network of over 300 registered support groups. These groups provide an invaluable place for people with limb loss to connect with one another. However, support from a traditional amputee support group is not always available, due to distance and/or preference. The Amputee Coalition has several options for people with limb loss to communicate online with one another. These resources are for those with limb loss, as well as their friends and family members.

Be Aware When Online

As always, we encourage you to use caution when sharing personal information online. Devotees (individuals who express a strong sexual interest in amputees and people with limb difference) can be active on social media and websites that are designed for the limb loss community. To discourage unwanted attention, be mindful when posting information and photos online and interacting with people you may not know.

Amputee Coalition on Facebook

Our Facebook page is both active and interactive. With over 100,000 followers and “likes,” it is a great place to connect with others in the limb loss community. You can ask questions, find support and keep up with news and events from the Amputee Coalition. Our Facebook page can be found here:

Amputee Coalition on Twitter

As with Facebook, we are on Twitter as a source for people with limb loss to connect with one another. Our Twitter account has close to 10,000 followers and is another outlet to keep up with news and events and to post questions and get feedback from the limb loss community. You can view our page and follow us on Twitter here:


Our Instagram account is growing, with over 17,000 followers. You can submit your photo to share your stories of success and challenges and to keep up with Amputee Coalition events. You can join us on Instagram here:

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