Sepsis and limb loss: awareness and prevention

Web Administration Video: Amputee Coalition Webinars

Published 05/17/2017

Presented by Steven Q. Simpson, MD, FCCP, FACP.

Severe sepsis is the most feared and most deadly complication of an infection of any type. Severe sepsis is perhaps the most common “unknown” cause of death in the world and also in the United States. Around the world, severe sepsis kills someone every three to four seconds, which means that while this statement is being read, approximately three people will die. Additionally, severe sepsis maims, and many patients are left with permanent disability, both physical and cognitive. Sepsis is a cause of amputations, including quadruple amputations. Sepsis also results from and is a complication of amputation, by a number of different mechanisms. This talk introduces listeners to the concept of sepsis, to show how common it is – and how deadly, and to familiarize participants with common signs and symptoms, so that they can suspect sepsis in themselves or their loved ones.