Peer Support: Nine Kinds of Listening

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At the Amputee Coalition, we believe that support comes in many forms and can make an incredible difference in recovery and rehabilitation.

This Webinar will help give you an in-depth understanding of the power of peer visiting and how you can get involved or request a visit.

If you are interested in being a peer visitor, this Webinar highlights why Certified Peer Visitors are a great choice for support. Their training gives them the tools to meet people living with limb loss at whatever phase of recovery they are in and offer a helping hand. You’ll learn more about our training and the program overall, as well as highlights of studies that show the importance of person-to-person connections.

Amputee Coalition Director of Peer Support Tonya Osborne-Simpson brings her years of training and program expertise to shape the training and volunteer support that lies at the heart of making connections. She is joined by Peer Support Coordinator Nicole Gross to talk about the philosophical and practical aspects of providing unmatched peer support to people at any stage of their limb loss journey.