High-Level Lower Limb Amputation Webinar

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Published 09/21/2016

High-level limb differences create some unique challenges, and rehabilitation and treatment can be very specialized. We’ve brought together double the expertise: two clinicians and two people with high-level limb loss. In this Webinar, they address:

  • How do I decide what devices will help me the most?
  • What should I expect from surgery? From rehab?
  • How can I address emotional, mental and physical health?
  • What can I do to help in my recovery?

David M. Crandell, MD, is an instructor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the Harvard Medical School and a rehabilitation specialist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) Boston. He is the medical director of the Amputee Program and an attending physician on the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program, where he works with patients with limb loss and a variety of musculoskeletal trauma. He is the chair of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee of the Amputee Coalition. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the State University of NY at Buffalo Medical School and Life Sciences. As a rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Crandell was involved in the care of 25 of the most severely injured survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, including 15 survivors with lower-limb amputations. Dr. Crandell is PM&R clerkship director at the Harvard Medical School. He is the course director for Rehabilitation and Aging, a Master of Science Program in Physician Assistant Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. He is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Public Health. Dr. Crandell has received the Patient Advocacy Award from the Harvard Medical School Department of PM&R in 2013 and the Distinguished Public Service Award for the AAPM&R in 2015.

Carol A. Miller, PT, PhD, GCS, is professor and director of Clinical Education for Physical Therapy at the Georgia Campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Miller is an American Physical Therapy Association Board Certified clinical specialist in geriatrics. She is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Physical Therapy Association of GA (PTAG), and currently serves on the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board for the Amputee Coalition.

Dr. Miller has over 32 years of experience working with adults with lower-limb amputation and focuses her practice on restoring an individual’s functional abilities to achieve success in the home setting, the community, all the way up to returning to athletic activity. She has conducted a number of workshops and exercise classes in Georgia and at Amputee Coalition conferences, with the goal of improving balance and gait ability for amputees. Dr. Miller’s research interests and published works are primarily focused on the impact of gait ability, and exercise training on function and quality of life in adults with lower-limb loss.