Webinars: Education and Support for People Affected by Limb Loss

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Our webinars cover topics related to amputation and amputees, from Sepsis and physical activity to technology and advocacy, there’s something relevant for you. Our presenters include clinical experts, topic experts like the TSA and travel, and members of our staff, all with materials developed just for you.

Whether you join a webinar live or get the highlights from the recorded version, you will have access to high-quality information about topics that concern you. To make sure you receive invitations, please sign up for our newsletters.

Finding an Active Lifestyle Fit for You

Published 5/2019 - In this Webinar, personal trainers who are amputees help you find out what you should look for ...continue.

Peer Support: Nine Kinds of Listening

Published 1/2019 - This Webinar highlights why Certified Peer Visitors are a great choice for support. Their training gives them ...continue.

Insurance and Advocacy: The Devil Is In the Details

Published 11/13/2018 - As you assess your health insurance needs, understanding exactly what is covered can be tricky! We want ...continue.

Physical Therapy and Kids With Limb Loss and Limb Difference

Published 10/17/2018 - Limb loss and limb difference is a complex experience affecting every part of your life and your ...continue.
Housing and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Housing and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Published 9/5/2018 - Learn more about access and regulations related to housing and Title II. ...continue.

Skills for Life 5: Living without arms

This amazing event is all about living without arms. Whether you are someone living with bilateral upper limb loss, a ...continue.

Person-First, Identity-First, and Just Plain John: Words Matter

This webinar provides a history of language and disability as well as a panel discussion and Q and A session ...continue.

Introduction to Mobility Saves Studies

Mobility Saves is a big idea, and this webinar provides an overview of two studies that asked the question “how ...continue.

Legislative Advocacy

This webinar covers 2018 legislative goals, an introduction to the State Lead program, tips for telling your story and lobbying ...continue.

Pain Management: Choices and Developments for People Living With Limb Loss

Pain Management webinar presented by Dr. Burton of Abbott, discussing types of pain and dorsal root ganglion (DRG) treatment options. ...continue.