Understanding Perspectives from Individuals with Upper Limb Loss or Difference

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Research Objective
The goal is to better understand upper limb prosthesis user views on perceived function, pain, comfort, and satisfaction for various types of prosthetic devices. Responses to the survey can be used to advise the review of new prosthetic devices, which may provide the prosthesis user community with more meaningful and functional prosthetic technology advancements. The survey results will also be used to identify devices and treatment protocols that will result in increased functionality, comfort, and long-term device use.

To Participate, you need to be:
18 years or older
Have upper limb loss at any level
Currently using a prosthesis

Confirmed completion of survey enters you in a lottery to win $20 gift card

Enrollment Open Until
December 2022

15-20 minutes

Primary Contact
Kimberly Konston

Send an email to request more information and enroll