Improving Balance Confidence in PwLL

Web Development Research Studies

Chicago, IL

Research Objective
This study is evaluating an intervention that targets balance confidence by integrating physical therapy (PT) exercises that address the domains of balance and functional gait, with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies targeting self-efficacy and activity avoidance, in order to reduce avoidance behaviors related to low balance confidence that limit community participation.

To Participate, you need to be:
Be 18 years of age or older
Have a below knee amputation on one side only
Have used a definitive prosthesis for at least 6 months
Be able to stand with minimum assistance for at least 2 minutes”

Reimbursement varies depending on group assignment. Completion of all activities in the control groups results in $270 reimbursement. Completion of all activities in the intervention group result in $620 compensation.

Enrollment Open Until
Oct 2021

24 weeks

Primary Contact
McKenzie Bourque