Evaluating Sensory Changes

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Newark, DE

Research Objective
A study assessing changes in light touch sensation, vibration detection, and pain-pressure threshold in adults with lower-limb loss with and without chronic pain compared to healthy adults without lower-limb loss. If eligible, you would be asked to answer questions about pain and function, participate in a clinical evaluation of your balance and sensation, and wear an activity monitor for 7 days.

To Participate, you need to be:
Ages 18 years and older; have a transtibial (below-knee) amputation; use a prosthesis at least 8 hours per day

$50 for Part I, plus an additional $40 for participating in the optional Part II

Enrollment Open Until
75 minutes for Part I, additional 45 minutes for Part II, which is optional

6 Months

Primary Contact
Delaware Limb Loss Studies Lab