Remote tDCS and Somatosensory Training for the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain

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Study Location
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital – Cambridge, MA

Research Objective
This study is designed to test the effectiveness of a home-based treatment intervention for phantom limb pain. This treatment protocol combines a non-invasive brain stimulation called Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and somatosensory training in a home-based setting. We will compare patients randomized to this combined strategy vs. usual care alone to examine differences in perceived pain.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have limb amputation(s), any level
  • Experience chronic pain of the amputated limb(s)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age


Enrollment Closes
March 2027

Time Commitment

  • 22 visits during the 4-week treatment protocol (1-hour sessions)
  • 1 follow-up visit at 8 weeks post-treatment

Contact Person
Spaulding Neuromodulation Center | Email:

How to Participate
See further instructions in the Recruitment Flyer.