Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York: Insurance Fairness Action

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Following on the heels of successful passage of Insurance Fairness legislation in Connecticut, insurance fairness is in motion in three states.

“Ensuring that everyone with limb loss has access to the care they need to be independent and mobile is the primary reason we believe this legislation must be passed,” said Dan Ignaszewski, Director of Government Relations for the Amputee Coalition. “Enacting legislation on the state level will help protect people as we see more uncertainty on the national level related to insurance coverage.”

Three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York, are exploring legislation that would support the need or access to medical care that helps people living with the effects of limb loss fully reintegrate in their community.

In Pennsylvania, the State Legislature is considering the introduction of legislation that would ensure fair insurance coverage for prosthetic and orthotic devices and related care.

In Michigan, similar legislation in the form of HB 6085 was introduced by Michigan Representative Beau LaFave, and the Amputee Coalition and its constituents are actively seeking additional sponsorship.

In New York, the State Assembly and Senate are both considering insurance fairness for amputees legislation this session. Assembly Bill 2212 and Senate Bill 2080 are waiting considering by the Insurance Committees in each chamber. The legislation would ensure fair coverage for prosthetic care throughout the state. In New York, the Coalition is asking committee members to hold a hearing to continue to move forward.

In all three states, the Coalition recommends that state residents contact their state legislators to encourage them to take action and have created a simple process in the “State Issues” section at