New nonprofit gets amputees help to lead live normal lives

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By Kyra Gottesman | MediaNews Group |

CHICO — Shelly Baxter-Wetmore lives by this golden rule: When you’re feeling bad about yourself, do something for someone else.

“You do that and you’ll immediately feel better no matter what you are dealing with,” said Baxter-Wetmore.

This “moral code,” as Baxter-Wetmore calls it, was put to the test in 2017 after a bout of flu progressed to pneumonia, which then led to a sepsis infection followed by complications with blood clots and within a matter of days doctors had to amputate her right leg below the knee.

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Featured Image Credit: Shelly Baxter-Wetmore shows off her matching painted toenails on her left foot and her prosthetic right foot. (Submitted photo)