Needs, Preferences and Functional Abilities of Veterans and Service Members with Upper Limb Amputation

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Study Summary for Aim 5

Study Sites are located in Richmond, VA; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA, and Tampa, FL. If you live more than two hours from a study site, you will be compensated for travel.

Research Objective:
This study is testing how well upper-limb prosthesis users can do everyday activities and comparing the abilities of people who use different types of prosthetic systems. It will help to understand how different types of prostheses and terminal devices compare to each other. This study will provide evidence to help consumers and clinicians make informed choices about upper limb prosthetic devices.

To Participate, you need to:
1. Have a unilateral, major upper limb amputation
2. Have a body-powered, myoelectric or hybrid prosthesis that is in good working order
3. Be able to understand English without an interpreter
4. Be at least 18 years of age

$90 Gift Card

Enrollment open until:
September 2022

One In-Person Study Visit lasting about 4 hours

Primary Contact:
John Davey
401-273-7100 x16535