Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C.

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Medstar National Rehabilitation Amputee Program Highlights

  • Program provides resources to Peer Mentors through MedStar NRH and Hanger’s Peer Mentor Program
  • We treat both single and multiple limb amputation in both the upper and lower extremity
  • The average inpatient stay lasts two weeks
  • Our nutritionist teaches patients about adopting a diet to promote healing
  • Our psychologist helps patients deal with the emotional issues that accompany limb loss
  • An inpatient support group is available to help patients cope with their new condition
  • Patients learn important self-care regimens in order to prevent infections, skin ulcers, blood clots and other medical complications
  • Additional education on diet and blood glucose control is provided for patients with diabetes
  • Our specialized therapy program helps prepare patients for living with the assistance of a prosthesis
  • A team of certified prosthetists who can design, fit and manufacture customized prostheses are available on-site
  • After being discharged from our inpatient program, many patients continue their training and therapy at one of our many outpatient sites located throughout the region.

Likewise, we are here for patients if they require modifications in their prostheses, a replacement limb—or other adaptive equipment to improve their quality of life.