Porter Ellett, middle, senior assistant to head coach Andy Reid, watches over a training camp session at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph.

Losing an arm helped make this Chiefs assistant coach who he is

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By Vahe Gregorian

As senior assistant to the head coach for the Chiefs, Porter Ellett might as well be Andy Reid’s shadow. Maybe you’ve seen him nearby during practice or games and wondered about the guy Reid is apt to call his “left-hand man.”

The joke reflects the nature of their relationship, a little-known aspect of Reid’s own life and what makes Ellett who he is: a man who had his right arm amputated as a teen, believes he’s better off for it and is distinguished most by his intelligence, zeal for life and sense of humor.

It’s those personal traits that resonate with an admiring Reid, who calls Ellett “quite a person,” and make Ellett well-suited for his second year orbiting a coach whose brother Reggie has long-contended with an injury of a similar nature.

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