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Connection 3 Happy New Year! I don’t need to recap how challenging 2020 was for most of us. There was one thing, though, that kept my spirits up and continues to this day. We may all have gone through a really difficult time, but we did it together. That’s what’s most important, especially in our community — doing things together, supporting one another, and coming out stronger. We gave this issue of the magazine the theme of Connection because we know now more than ever how important it is to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. We know the value of feeling connected to our community, to family and friends, and to others who are on their own limb loss or limb difference journey. Here at the Amputee Coalition, we learned a lot last year that helped inform how we reach more of you where you are. I am excited about this year for so many reasons. We’re taking what we learned and are doing more of what you asked for: connecting with you in the ways you need it most. Our Thursday evening online support groups are an important way we pivoted our work last year, and we’re excited to continue those important weekly connections this year. And, we are pleased to continue hosting Tea Time Tuesday to help the helpers — our support group leaders and Certified Peer Visitors who are finding new ways to reach and support our community. No matter when, where, or how, our Certified Peer Visitors are available to listen, lend an ear, and be that rock of support that someone who just went through amputation surgery needs. Remote peer visits are possible thanks to CPVs, hospitals, and rehab facilities using the video capabilities in our app, which allows new community members to get the support they need in the hospital or rehab center regardless of COVID restrictions. The events we host will continue to have an online component because it allows us to connect with so many more of you, especially when we remove the cost and other barriers involved with traveling. This spring, we will host our annual Advocacy Forum, where we will come together to educate the new presidential administration and Members of Congress and their staff about the issues that matter most to people living with limb loss and limb difference. In doing so, we help connect elected officials to you, their constituents, so they have someone to think about when they make decisions or take action. This summer, we’ll host our Youth Camp for kids ages 10-17. Our campers and counselors leave camp every summer feeling so connected to one another. For many, it’s the first time meeting another young person with limb loss. For our counselors, it may be their first leadership or volunteer position, and that not only creates a community of support it also provides connections in support of their career goals. Later this year, we’ll host our annual National Conference. This event provides an opportunity for so many connections to take place … maybe meeting a new friend, or connecting with a health care provider who can help you get further along in your journey. We’ll also host Limb Loss Education Days throughout the year, and will continue to provide materials, support, and education through the National Limb Loss Resource Center. The Resource Center (888-267-5669, ext. 1) is the only national service of its kind, and it’s free of charge for anyone who needs information or referrals. This is my second year serving the Amputee Coalition as president and CEO. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you, and I can’t wait to get to know you all. I want to hear your stories and know how we can help serve and support you. You’ll see later on in this issue that we’ve put a call out to hear from you. We want to know where you are on your journey and how you feel connected to one another. We want the pages of this magazine to shine with your photos and writing. Always feel free to email us at so we can help you tell your story and build connections with others in our community. I wish you the happiest year ahead with good health, warm humor, great strength, and powerful connections. Warmly, Mary Richards President and CEO Amputee Coalition MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT AND CEO