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LIMB LOSS AND LIMB DIFFERENCE IN THE U.S. SUPPORT THE MISSION The Amputee Coalition is the leading national nonprofit organization working to support people with limb loss and limb difference. Our mission is to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss and limb difference to achieve their full potential through education, support and advocacy, and to promote limb loss prevention. OVERVIEW 2.1 Million 185K 507 People living with limb loss in the U.S. People have an amputation each year in the U.S. People lose a limb each day in the U.S. 36% of people living with limb loss experience depression. 85% of lower-limb amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer. 1,558 military personnel lost a limb as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 3.6 million people will be living with limb loss by 2050. Source information can be found at