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Living Free 15 limb loss? If you’re living with limb difference, think about the ways you live your life that may require adaptation and how people who don’t share your experience may not understand that without you sharing your experience. That’s what provides. An opportunity to share the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. We want to gather as many experiences as we can so we can elevate the disparities in the community. We want to elevate the great things access to care has meant for individuals who haven’t experienced challenges. We want to elevate the challenges people face (unnecessarily) in getting access to the care they need. We want to elevate what access to care has meant or can mean for individuals to allow you to live your life. As we look toward the fall and wrap up 2019, think about ways you can share your story and the impact it can have. Go to AmplifyYourself. org and write a letter to your insurance company and state and federal legislators. While you’re there, share your story and help us elevate your voice and the community’s voice so people who may not understand can have better insight into the importance access to care has on the lives of people who need it. If you want to do more than contacting your key decision makers in your care, or in sharing your story, sign up to be an advocate with the Amputee Coalition. We’re actively recruiting individuals for the Amputee Coalition’s Lead Advocate program and we want to engage you as leaders in the community to help enact change and improve access to care for everyone living with limb loss/difference and those who will experience limb loss/difference in the future. Help us make a difference! Sharing your story and experiences through the Amputee Coalition’s platform is a great way to get started and a great way to help educate and inform those who can improve everyone’s ability to live the life they want to live through advocacy and ensuring appropriate access to care. If you’re interested in getting involved and volunteering to support our advocacy initiatives, contact us today at If you’ve experienced challenges in accessing prosthetic care and want to share your story, visit us at If you’re currently experiencing challenges with your insurance company, contact our Limb Loss Resource Center today at 888/267‑5669, or use our tools at to contact your insurance company’s CEO and medical director. Advocacy utreach