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900 E. Hill Avenue, Suite 390 Knoxville, TN 37915-2568 Ottobock’s advanced microprocessor controlled foot technology enables you to experience life with fewer restrictions. It also provides a wide range of functionalities. With Ottobock Microprocessor Feet, you have access to a unique Relief ™ function that enables full-surface contact with the floor, and a more natural foot appearance when sitting or standing. Empower’s powered propulsion emulates lost muscle function for more mobility; the Triton smart ankle actively responds to changes in terrain and speed to make walking easier, and Meridium offers a wide range of motion and provides more stability on uneven terrain. Know the difference 3/18 ©2018 Ottobock HealthCare, LP, All rights reserved. Meridium® Triton® smart ankle Empower® • Learn more at