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May | June 2018 30 The PURPOSE of LIFE Is a by Harleen Chhabra Gupt Family Matters Blessed are they who have found their purpose in life. For me, it has been a journey that’s far from over. As I’ve lived life’s myriad experiences, be it amputation, marriage or parenthood, each one has unraveled mysteries of my existence and brought me closer to my purpose. Rather than wait for that one fine day when I find my purpose, I believe in intentionally seeking it. In that spirit, let me share a purposeful activity we did this year as a family, involving a compass, a bucket, a map and three rocks. The Compass Our core values are our compass that guides us through life, and all the ups and downs that come with it. The concept of a compass is fascinating for a child – imagine, whichever way you turn, it always points north! That’s how we introduced our core values to our son. We clarified that core values shouldn’t always be easy, or feel good, or be driven by our existing behavior. Instead, core values are those right things to live by that guide our behavior. For example, my son and I love desserts but one of our core values is that “we are a high‑energy family,” which means we exercise regularly and consume nutritious food that does not include getting sugar highs too often. But core values go further than listing things we simply hold dear, goals we want to accomplish, or habits and attitudes we want to develop. Core values address how we want to live our lives, what principles we want to LIFE OF PURPOSE