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Connecticut’s Insurance Fairness for Amputees Legislation, Senate Bill 376, successfully passed unanimously through both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly. It awaits consideration before Governor Dannel Malloy (D). Governor Malloy has until May 26th to either sign or veto SB 376, if he does neither the measure will become law without his signature.

Please contact him to lend your support and ask him to sign SB 376!

Write Your Governor

Legislative Information

The Connecticut General Assembly works on a two year cycle and has completed the second year of the cycle. The 2018 Legislative Session adjourned sine die May 9th, 2018, and will reconvene in January 2019. Only the Senate is able to prefile legislation, and the dates for prefiling legislation have not been determined.

Get Involved

The Connecticut Amputee Network is heading up the efforts in the state and is led by Herb Kolodny and Brenda Novak. They have been the local advocates and with the support of the Amputee Coalition have been able to progress the legislation to its current status. If you are interest in joining the Amputees Coalitions efforts in Connecticut please contact us or the Connecticut Amputee Coalition for more information.