Fourth Groundbreaking Limb Loss Task Force Discusses Strategies to Improve Evidence to Improve Quality of Limb Loss Care and Rehabilitation

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The Amputee Coalition is the nation’s leading organization that serves people affected by limb loss and limb difference. In this role, it is leading a fourth Limb Loss Task Force to identify ways to improve the quality of evidence needed to optimize functional outcomes for individuals with limb loss, improve quality of care provided to those who experience an amputation throughout the care continuum, and improve access to medically necessary prosthetic care and technology. The current lack of research about individuals with limb loss negatively impacts their ability to receive medically necessary post-operative rehabilitation, prosthetic care, and appropriate prosthetic devices.

“For many years, limb loss advocates have lamented the lack of evidence to support their efforts to enhance the quality and availability of care of individuals affected by limb loss,” said George Gondo, director of research and grants for the Amputee Coalition. “The Coalition feels it is time to directly address these gaps in evidence. As the nation’s leading independent patient advocacy organization serving the limb loss community, we feel we are uniquely positioned to bring together the necessary stakeholders to devise strategies to produce the unbiased evidence needed to ensure that anyone who loses a limb receives the rehabilitative care and prosthetic technologies that will optimize their quality of life and allow them to live well with limb loss.”

The Coalition gathered nearly two dozen individuals who represent insurers, government agencies, researchers, manufacturers, and people with limb loss. In addition to a white paper, the Task Force intends to identify multiple ways to shape existing and proposed research, building connections and awareness nationally.

“The Amputee Coalition provides a rallying point for all things related to limb loss,” stated Jack Richmond, president & CEO of the Amputee Coalition and an amputee himself. “It is our vision to bring together the people committed to research in this area to ensure that we offer support and direction to further their efforts.”