Proviso West Football Player Born With No Arms Lights Up The Field With His Heart

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By Shanel Romain | Thursday, September 5, 2019 | Village Free Press

Tim Bannon, a 14-year-old Proviso West High School freshman, doesn’t want or need your sympathy or stares or sentimental statements about how inspiring he is, although he knows that he’ll get those responses. And that’s OK. Tim’s going to do what he wants regardless of how people respond to him.

The Hillside teenager spent the latter part of his summer preparing for the Chicago Triathlon (that’s a roughly mile-long run, a 200-meter swim and around four miles of biking).

Now that school is in session, Bannon has his sights on other goals — literally. He’s looking to contribute on the football field for the Panthers as a kicker. Bannon, by the way, has no arms.

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Featured image credit: Tim Bannon, 14, was born without arms, but that hasn’t stopped him from competing on the football field and in a triathlon. | Shanel Romain