2021 National Conference Program

All times listed are Eastern Time (ET).

Morning Adaptive Recreation Session
Is Standing/Seated Tai Chi Right For You?

Dawn Contreras, Health Specialist, Michigan State University Extension; Anita Carter, Program Instructor, Michigan State University Extension
Participants in this class will learn about tai chi and how this slow, gentle, ancient exercise has many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Tai chi can be done seated, standing, moving and/or through visualization. Participants will experience tai chi and learn ways to join Michigan State University Extension’s free, virtual tai chi classes.

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Break Out Sessions:
Track – No Amputee Alone

  • Beyond Sex: Intimate Relationships in Individuals with Upper Limb Absence(s)
    Intimate relationships are more than just sex. In this presentation, all types of intimate relationships across the lifespan in individuals with upper limb absence(s) (ULA) are discussed. Although it is rarely addressed by healthcare professionals, understanding this topic helps to educate and empower individuals with ULA.
    Samantha Pagano & Debra Latour – Western New England University
  • How Virtual Platforms Kept Us Connected, Supported and Active During a Global Pandemic
    The silver lining of the global pandemic was the creation of virtual communities. During a time of extreme social isolation, organizations who pivoted to a virtual platform exponentially expanded their reach, providing much needed support, social activities, fitness, and wellness opportunities that kept the limb loss community connected & empowered.
    Melissa DeChellis – Adaptively Abled Amputees
  • Advocacy 101 – Your Voice Matters
    Overview of the basics of being an advocacy volunteer with the Amputee Coalition and how you can get involved.
    Dustin Perchal, Government Relations Manager, Amputee Coalition; Amanda Woodson
  • Utilizing the NLLRC’s Resources and Online Tools
    The National Limb Loss Resource Center houses a collection of educational resources and online resource tools that can help persons with limb loss locate educational information, support, and available assistance in the community.  In this presentation, Resource Center staff will provide an overview of the NLLRC and the types of resources that are available.  The presentation will also focus on specific online resource tools available through the Amputee Coalition Website that community members can utilize to find resources and connections in a number of areas.
    Andrew Call, Amputee Coalition

General Session
Power of Partnerships: improving outcomes & futures

Alison Barkoff, Acting Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging; Lucille Beck, Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Policy and Services, Veterans Health Administration; Lorraine Riche, Board Chair Elect, Amputee Coalition; Mary Richards, President & CEO, Amputee Coalition; TaKeisha S. Walker, MA, MS, Chief Operating Officer, Amputee Coalition; Dan Ignaszewski, Chief Policy & Programs Officer, Amputee Coalition
AC has valued partnerships in federal programs and the broader health care community. These supports and bonds are critical to expanding the impact of our programs and making a difference in care for the limb loss and limb difference community. Join this conversation with our key partners, featuring remarks from Alison Barkoff, Acting Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging. Learn more about AC partnerships in government, advocacy organizations, and corporations. We will discuss how we leverage these partnerships and others to create the groundwork for change within our community.


Your Level of Limb Loss Discussion Groups
Each session in this series is tailored to the unique needs of individuals with particular levels of limb loss or limb difference. Each session will give an overview of rehabilitation issues and unique considerations for your level of limb loss, followed by ample time for discussion. Please bring your questions and expertise!

  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Above-Knee
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Below-Knee
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Upper-Limb
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Bilateral Above-Knee
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Bilateral Below-Knee
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Hemipelvectomy/Hip Disarticulation
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Complex


Technology Sessions

  • Click Medical
    Does your device cause you pain? Do you use up to 10 socks a day? Are you tired of having to find a restroom to adjust your device? OR do you simply want a more comfortable socket? Come join Joe Mahon, CP and RevoFit inventor answer all of your questions about adjustability and all of the ways it can help you. As one of our dear friends Tom Carlson, RevoFit user since 2017 said, “It’s so much quicker, so much easier, and it has made my life so much better I don’t know where I’d be without it.”
    Joe Mahon, CP Co-Founder and RevoFit Inventor at Click Medical
  • The OPRA System by Integrum – Improving Life
    The benefit of bone anchored (osseoanchored) prosthetics for both upper and lower limb amputees has been well recognized and documented in numerous peer reviewed clinical studies. In December of 2020 the FDA provided a PMA (Premarket Approval) for the OPRA System (Osseointegrated Prosthesis for Rehabilitation of Amputees) for transfemoral amputees. This presentation is designed to help amputees understand the differences in the various implant systems and the OPRA System by Integrum. Specifically, attendees receive information about essential aspects of the rehab protocol and appropriate prosthetic components to be incorporated within the OPRA Protocol.
    Kurt Collier, VP of Prosthetics, Integrum
  • New Technology Available from PROTEOR USA
    Learn about the technology available from PROTEOR USA, including the new Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee, The Kinnex Microprocessor Ankle, the new Rush Rogue 2 foot, and the new Shockwave foot.
    Sarah Stilley MS, MSPO, LCPO, Clinical Prosthetist, Global Leader – Ankle Franchise and Clinical Communications


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  • American Board for Certification of Orthothics and Prosthetics (ABCOP)
  • Ossur
  • Ottobock
  • Bluegrass College