2021 National Conference Program

All times listed are Eastern Time (ET).

Morning Adaptive Recreation Session
Yoga for Phantom Pain: A Non-Opioid Alternative

Marsha Danzig, Founder, Yoga for Amputees
Phantom Pain affects between 60%- 97% of amputees at some point in their amputee journey. A new frontier in pain management is yoga therapy. Many people with chronic pain have noted a reduction in pain symptoms over time due to therapeutic benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

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Break Out Sessions:
Track – Living well with limb loss/limb difference

  • How smart homes and universal design can improve safety and allow for aging in place
    This presentation focuses on first evaluating one’s home to address safety issues to prevent injury. We will discuss very simple to more complex home modifications to improve safety, prevent injury, and to minimize secondary conditions for the amputee. It will include a checklist for attendees to take home to better evaluate their own living situation.
    Victoria Powell – VP Medical Consulting, LLC
  • Sepsis and Amputations: Post Sepsis and Long COVID Syndrome through the eyes of survivors
    Kim and Katy will share their personal experiences with post sepsis syndrome, focusing on the physical and mental impacts. They will educate about the symptoms of sepsis and post sepsis syndrome. They will provide resources and tips for finding resources locally. All are welcome as many will be impacted by sepsis in their lifetime.
    Katy Grainger – Sepsis Alliance; Kim Steel – Sepsis Amputee, Speaker & Advocate
  • The value of peer visitation and support
    This session will provide a brief history of peer support. The value of a peer visit and a support group and the impact they have on the person with limb loss/limb difference and their caregivers. We will discuss how to receive a peer visit and connect with a support group that is right for you.
    Katie Flanery, Amputee Coalition
  • The Power of Collaboration and Community Connection
    This session will discuss the importance of connecting communities with one another, sharing relatable resources, and reaching more community members where they are and where they gather. Highlight examples of community-based collaborations, clinical-based collaborations, government-based collaborations. Provide overview of Amputee Coalition strategic partners and the impact each partner has on our mission. Discuss the benefits of connecting community members with relatable resources, programs, events, and services. Include partner panel discussion with representation from the VA, MIB Agents, Hospital Partners, Rehab Facility Partners, etc.
    Nicole Gross, Priya Sheriff, Patty Young, Michael Verbsky, Colleen Coulter, Michelle Hall, Maureen Smart, Liz Vallejo, Mark Goetcheus, Cynthia Macaluso, Posie Mansfield, Roseann Sdoia Materia, Melissa DeChellise


General Session – Pain Management & Innovation
Linda Porter, NIH; Justin Moore, APTA CEO and AC Board Member; Denise Hoffman, RN and SCIMAC member; Sharon Lamberton, Deputy VP at PhRMA; TaKeisha Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Amputee Coalition
Join a conversation about pain care issues facing the limb loss and limb difference community. Our expert panel will present a variety of views on chronic pain management, innovations in pain research and treatment, and ideas on navigating different types of pain focusing on how people can engage in their own clinical care.

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Cause-Specific Discussion Groups
Each session in this series is tailored to the unique needs of individuals based on cause of limb loss or limb difference. We are a welcoming and diverse community. These sessions allow an opportunity to connect with others who have a shared underlying condition or life experience. Please attend the session that feels most appropriate.

  • Cause-Specific Discussion Group: Trauma
  • Cause-Specific Discussion Group: Diabetes/Vascular
  • Cause-Specific Discussion Group: Cancer
  • Cause-Specific Discussion Group: Congenital Limb Difference
  • Cause-Specific Discussion Group: Infectious Diseases (e.g. sepsis, MRSA, meningitis, etc)
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Hemipelvectomy/Hip Disarticulation
  • Your Level of Limb Loss: Complex


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  • American Board for Certification of Orthothics and Prosthetics (ABCOP)
  • Ossur
  • Ottobock
  • Bluegrass College