The Power of You. Amputee Coalition 2020 National Conference

Using the Virtual Platform

Check out these educational videos to learn more about the platform we’ll be using to host the conference and how you can get most out of your virtual experience. The platform is easy, fun and interactive and provides an “in-person” feel that will give you the opportunity to learn, network and connect with others living with limb loss and limb difference during Conference in August!

For Attendees

For Exhibitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Amputee Coalition Information Booth

Located in the Exhibit Hall and staffed by Amputee Coalition employees, the booth will be open during Conference hours throughout the event. Coalition staff are also available by emailing


Your opinion matters. An online survey will be sent to all participants in the weeks following the National Conference.   Let us know what you think by completing the evaluation. We take your suggestions seriously, and it will help the staff and the committees continue to tailor and improve the Conference for everyone.

Amputee Coalition Personal Rights and Privacy Policy

When attending Amputee Coalition events, you have the right to:

  • Enjoy Amputee Coalition activities without interruption
  • Be treated with respect
  • Be free from inappropriate behavior
  • Enjoy personal privacy
  • Refuse having your picture or video taken
  • Expect behavior violating this policy to stop when you first ask

The Amputee Coalition has security in place for the National Conference. If you believe that your privacy or safety has been violated, you should notify an Amputee Coalition staff member immediately. Available at the information booth and by emailing

The Amputee Coalition may then:

  • Speak with the person whom you feel violated this policy
  • Write a report describing the incident
  • Notify the police
  • Press charges
  • Provide information and support if you press charges
  • Penalize those in violation of this policy, which may include a ban from future Amputee Coalition events.

Photo Policy

Only Amputee Coalition credentialed photographers and staff with Amputee Coalition approval may take photographs at the Conference.

Please refrain from taking screenshots or images of the screen. Please be respectful and do not take (or post) photos of groups or presentations without permission, and please check that your pictures do not include people who may not know they are being photographed. Thank you for helping to make the environment at the Conference is comfortable, safe, and relaxed!

Please remember: a majority of the sessions (with the exception of Thursday’s discussion groups, roundtables and most networking events) will be recorded.

Technology Sessions and Special Events

Many technology/service sessions and special events are presented and sponsored by manufacturers, service providers and organizations during the Conference. These sessions or events may include information about products and services offered by the presenting organization; the views presented do not necessarily represent the views of the Amputee Coalition nor does the Amputee Coalition endorse any products or services discussed during these events. We encourage you to use information gathered at these events to discuss options with your healthcare providers.