Limb Loss Awareness Month Proclamations

The Amputee Coalition continues to seek proclamations every April in all 50 states to declare April as Limb Loss Awareness Month.  A copy of the proclamation language is available along with a spreadsheet providing a link to your state’s proclamation request form and a guide to completing your request is available for those who would like to help raise awareness. A push for recognition and support during Limb loss Awareness Month will help the Amputee Coalition raise awareness about limb loss and provide a mechanism for the whole community to increase their awareness about limb loss.

Gubenatorial Proclamations

What are advocates for the limb loss community doing during Limb Loss Awareness Month, and how can you get involved?

Several states are looking to introduce fair insurance access for prosthetic devices legislation, (aka prosthetic parity), during Limb Loss Awareness Month, and raise and discuss issues with legislators that the limb loss community faces on a daily basis. In addition to introducing legislation, several state advocates are looking to meet with legislators to simply discuss limb loss and limb difference, and raise awareness of the limb loss community to legislators and the broader community.

Contact us at 703/330-1699 ext. 7104 or to find out how you can get involved in your state