Amputee Coalition staff at Delta Dream Grants Award Ceremony

Delta Dream Grants Awards Ceremony

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Delta Dream Grants are awarded annually to nonprofits that directly provide services to children and teens in the Washington, D.C. region in the areas of academics, the arts, nutrition and sports. Additionally, Delta Dream Grants support nonprofits that refurbish youth baseball fields. At the start of each baseball season, Delta Dream Grants will solicit grant requests from organizations that provide services in one of the Dream Foundation’s areas of focus: academics – after-school or summer academic mentoring and tutoring programs, the arts – programming that provides arts education and experience, nutrition – programming focused on healthful nutrition and food preparation, and sports – programming that provides athletic instruction and play.

The Amputee Coalition was awarded a $15,000.00 check for our 2020 Youth Camp Project, which will ensure youth from across the country, ages 10 to 17, living with LL/LD have access to a 6-day, traditional summer camp experience. Youth Camp will challenge campers to increase their independence, test themselves, and build new friendships in a caring and supportive environment. This funding support will help Amputee Coalition’s 2020 Youth Camp serve more LL/LD youth – 140 from across the US (17 more youth). Several will be from the greater Washington DC area. Last year, 7 youth were from the DC-metro area, and we seek to increase youth from our area next year. Outreach will be conducted using print media, social media, and press releases, along with hospital and stakeholder partnerships.