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This is our ongoing blog, where we cover a variety of topics affecting amputees and the broader disability community.

3D Printed Prosthetics IMG 01

3D Printed Prosthetics: Kid-Designed, Tested and Approved

3D printing has enabled a DIY prosthetics movement. Check out these three inspiring programs and stories of kids who design and build prosthetics. ...continue.
History of The Prosthetic Leg Through The Ages

History of The Prosthetic Leg Through The Ages

This post explores the evolution of the prosthetic leg from ancient human history right up to the modern day. ...continue.
Learning to Advocate for Yourself

Learning to Advocate for Yourself

On July 7th, 2017 I woke up to find out that a surgeon had removed my right leg above the knee after a boating accident. ...continue.
Lower limb amputee walking across a rope bride then a hanging plank.

Parent’s Guide to Limb Difference and a Child’s Emotional Development

This article provides strategies to help children with limb difference to make friends, manage bullying, and have a healthy body image ...continue.
Belinda Jacobi

The passing of Belinda Jacobi

The Amputee Coalition is saddened by the news that we have lost another champion of our community. Belinda Jacobi passed away on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Belinda was the president of Moving Forward Limb Loss Support Group of Southern Indiana and Kentucky. ...continue.

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics

This post celebrates four artists and prosthetists who are reducing the stigma of limb loss through their artistic and unique prosthetics. ...continue.
Cast on table for partial foot and toe amputees

FAQ For Partial-Foot and Toe Amputees

Losing part of your foot or some of your toes does not mean you have lost the ability to live your life to the fullest. You have the benefit of learning from the countless others who have gone through both trauma and ...continue.
Driving as an Amputee What You Need to Know IMG 01

Driving as an Amputee: What You Need to Know

People who have undergone amputation can still drive and retain their independence. If you have recently experienced limb loss, rest assured that there are modified ways to get back to doing all your normal day-to-day activities. This guide was created for new ...continue.
Looking For Love as an Amputee Featured IMG

Limb Loss and Dating: Looking For Love as an Amputee

Finding love is complicated, and even more so as a double amputee. Alicia Carver tells us how she overcame body image issues and her experience in online dating. ...continue.
FAQ For Partial-Hand and Finger Amputees

FAQ For Partial-Hand and Finger Amputees

Answers to FAQs from partial-hand and finger amputees including what to expect during recovery, types of prostheses and function in the remaining hand. ...continue.
It Isn’t Easy: Navigating Losing a Limb While in a Relationship

It Isn’t Easy: Navigating Losing a Limb While in a Relationship

Losing a limb while in a relationship can bring up many difficult emotions. In this personal blog, Fritz Rudy talks about how (HE/SHE/THEY) and (HIS/HER/THEIR) partner navigated the emotional storm. ...continue.
Phantom Limb Pain Treatments Which Methods Show Promise IMG 01

Phantom Limb Pain Treatments: Which Methods Show Promise?

This guide explores the topic of phantom limb pain in amputees and describes the various non-drug therapies available when phantom pain becomes chronic. ...continue.
Confidence is Sexy: Identity and Love After Limb Loss

Confidence is Sexy: Identity and Love After Limb Loss

Irene Blum became an amputee at 21 years old from a rare form of bone cancer. She is currently earning her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies and plans to go on to graduate school for Family and Sex Therapy. ...continue.
Two 3D printed biotic limbs in different colors, blue and white.

3D Printed Prosthetics | Where We Are Today

3D printing is a relatively new but promising technology available to professional prosthetists and amateurs alike. Free, editable designs are even available online. So anyone with access to a 3D printer and a DIY mentality can create a bespoke prosthesis at a ...continue.
Diabetic rubbing foot to relieve painful neuropathy.

A Diabetic’s Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Peripheral Neuropathy is uncomfortable and can be difficult to manage. While there is no cure, a treatment plan can help prevent the condition from worsening. It may even prevent the need for amputation. This guide serves as an introduction to treatments for ...continue.
Lower limb athlete running in front of a Rio 2016 sign.

A Beginner’s Guide to Common Types of Prosthetic Limbs

This guide introduces common categories of leg and arm amputations and prosthetics. Learn about the different types of prostheses, as well as what to expect when being fitted with a new prosthesis. Prosthesis vs. Prosthetic Many people wonder how to use the ...continue.
A hand and prosthetic limb about to touch similar to the Creation of Adam painting

How Do Prosthetic Hands Work?

Losing a hand or an arm doesn’t mean losing independence. Thousands of people across the United States have lost all or part of an upper limb due to accident, infection, cancer or diabetic neuropathy. Prosthetic hands provide functionality, mobility, and confidence to ...continue.
Lower Limb Amputee standing in front of a scooter.

Amputation Due to Diabetic Neuropathy – Management and Support Guide

If you or a loved one has had a limb removed or is at risk of amputation due to diabetic neuropathy, you are not alone. Approximately 86,000 people in the United States undergo limb loss related to diabetes annually, the majority of ...continue.
Coming to Peace With the Challenges as a Caregiver

Choosing to Give – Coming to Peace With the Challenges as a Caregiver

Most times we are thrown into the role of caregiver unexpectedly. It was never in our plan. We had so many dreams that now seem impossible in our current role as caregiver. We may scream with our inner voice, “What about me? ...continue.
How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Being a caregiver is rewarding but it’s also a lot of stress and hard work on the caregiver themselves. You will need to avoid what is called caregiver burnout. When you are beginning as a caregiver for an amputee everyone’s emotions are ...continue.