A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics

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When a person undergoes limb loss, they often struggle with confidence due to the stigma of amputation and body issues arising from it.

This theme is explored by many artists, both with and without limb difference, who create prosthetics to be works of art. In doing so, they hope to provide the wearer with confidence through the ability to express themselves with a prosthetic as unique as they are.

This post celebrates four different creators/projects that are helping reduce the stigma of limb loss through their art.

Alternative Limb Project

Founded by prosthetic artist Sophie Oliveira Barata and operating out of a North London studio, The Alternative Limb Project creates gorgeous and functional fashion prosthetics. She and her team are on the leading edge of designing prosthetics that are an extension of the wearer’s personality.

Sophie’s studio also produces truly foolproof realistic prosthetic limbs. You are immediately drawn to her artistic and often out-of-this-world limbs.

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 02

Floral Porcelain Leg

Made For: Kiera Roche

Kiera expressed that losing a limb originally made her want to feel normal, hiding her leg as much as possible. These days she embraces her limb difference and has different prosthetic legs for separate occasions.

Photo Credit: Rosemary Williams

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 03

Anatomical Leg

Made For: Ryan Seary

Ryan Seary lost his left leg above the knee and left arm above the elbow in an explosion as a serviceman. He says he did not let the injury faze him, and was attracted to The Alternative Limb Project by Sophie’s artistic vision.

Photo Credit: Omkaar Kotedia

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 04


Made For: Kelly Knox

Channeling a Poison Ivy vibe from a Batman comic, Kelly Knox based her prosthetic on her interest in extraterrestrial life. This prosthesis is moveable with four degrees of freedom via a mechanism controlled by Kelly’s big toe.

Photo Credit: Omkaar Kotedia


ALLELES Design (pronounced ALL L’s) operates out of Victoria, BC in Canada and creates stylish wraps for prosthetic arms and legs. McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda founded ALLELES because they wanted to provide people with limb difference the opportunity to showcase their individuality.

Wraps are made to order with the chosen pattern, color, finish options and measurement to fit a prosthetic like a glove.

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 05A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 06

ALLELES’ mission is to help remove the stigma of limb difference one stylish prosthetic cover at a time.

Mari Katayama

Mari Katayama was born with a rare condition known as tibial hemimelia. This condition prevented growth in her lower legs and also resulted in a cleft left hand.

She grew up feeling different, but quickly embraced her artistic view of the world to translate her experiences into body art. As a teenager, she tattooed her prostheses to express herself. At 16 she was discovered by stylist Tatsuya Shimada, who enlisted her in his graduation fashion show. At 23 she became a student at the Tokyo Art Institute.

In her photos using props, she creates herself often elaborate on her limb difference, accentuating her difference as a means of expressing her artistic spirit. She also often explores crab imagery, an homage to the pincer-like appearance of her left hand and her zodiac sign.

Photo Credit: Mari Katayama via The Guardian

A Celebration of Artistic and Unique Prosthetics IMG 08

Photo Credit: Mari Katayama via The Guardian

Limbitless Solutions

Limbitless Solutions uses 3D printing to make prosthetics more affordable. They are also a charitable organization that seeks to create free prosthetic limbs for children.

They created a cool prosthetic arm based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man for Albert Manero, who had it delivered by Robert Downey Jr. who played Iron Man in the Marvel movies:

Limbitless Solutions aims to boost the confidence of children with limb difference by creating unique prostheses that are an expression of who they are.