Amputee Coalition Welcomes New Chief Communications Officer

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Dear Friends of the Amputee Coalition,

In looking back on 30 years of milestones at the Amputee Coalition, I am reminded of the many incredible leaders we’ve enjoyed, people driven by passion and compassion. I would like to introduce you to our newest leader, Karen Lundquist. She brings nearly two decades of healthcare communication experience to us, and believes that to be effective you have to truly understand what drives the communities you are working with and find common ground. 

A new leader

Karen’s expertise includes the full scope of professional communication, including the fine points of social media and digital communication – and that at the core of a conversation that inspires change you will most often find a good story. Smart and savvy, she reflects the kind of leadership we are bringing to the limb loss community and the kind of organization we are becoming.

The challenges we see include some rough waters (such as insurance coverage issues) as well as some incredibly blue skies, and we want to be the kind of organization that will help you move forward with a spirit of hope as well as a full tool box of education and support.  

So why should you care?

Because when we invest in experienced professionals like Karen to join our incredibly capable team, it moves you and the Amputee Coalition towards our 2020 goals.  Goals that will ensure that you have the coverage, learning resources, and connection with the people who can help you reach your goals.  We are committed to making sure your voice is clearly heard. 

What can you do?

As the leading community-led organization, we want to know what’s on your mind. First of all, if you are not signed up as a friend of the Amputee Coalition, please sign up.   It’s free.  (Really!)

Then, join in.  Come to our classes and conferences, read our publications, follow us on social media. We know that your life is about more than limb loss, but speaking up and sharing your experience will help redefine what is possible and what is expected.

Join us. Good things are coming.

Sue Stout