Amplify Yourself

The Amputee Coalition has launched Amplify, a new initiative to help people with limb loss and limb difference use their collective voice to bring attention to the issues so many face with their insurance providers.

We know the best prosthetic care helps people be who they want to be, yet too many people struggle to get the care they need. It’s time to speak up.

If you or someone you love has experienced challenges accessing prosthetic care – denials, lengthy appeals, or restrictions in coverage – we have a tool that can help.

Amplify Yourself and share your story with your insurance provider.

Get Involved! Get Local!

Insurance Fairness is legislation that helps ensure that there is “fair coverage for devices necessary for treatment, rehabilitation and engagement in activities of daily living for people with limb loss and limb difference.”

If you are passionate about making sure people in your state have fair coverage and want to get involved, let us know by sending us your contact information!

Share Your Story

Whatever your passion, whatever your story, amplifying yourself means something different to everyone. Whether you want to share a triumph, a frustration, or an everyday moment, we want to hear from you. We would especially like to hear if you have had challenges related to insurance or getting the medical care that fits your needs.

The time to speak out is now. Make your voice heard!

Your Stories

Bayley Yates

Before I was born, my parents knew something was wrong. The doctor thought I would have club foot. Not long after my birth we had moved from Arkansas to Colorado ... Read More

John Bowman

I got into a motorcycle wreck three days after turning 18 on August 14, 2013. My injuries included compound fractures in my left arm and right ankle, a fractured skull, and losing my left leg above the knee ... Read More

Jeremy Affeldt

Hi, my name is Jeremy and I’m a bilateral below-knee amputee. I lost my left leg 8 years ago and my right leg in May 2017. I'm an active amputee – I'm currently in a men's bowling league after relearning ... Read More

Spread the Word

Please share the news that there are ways to amplify your voice and make sure the limb loss and limb difference community are heard. Our tool kit includes posters, flyers, presentations and social media posts to help make sure this resource is well-known and well-used.

Questions? Contact us at