Alvin “Al” Pike January 6, 1942 ~ June 14, 2018

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A voice for those requiring artistic and humanitarian rehabilitation has been silenced. Al was at the forefront of amputee consumer advocacy through his work at Ottobock and his advice and leadership in partnership with Mary Novotny during the development of what would become the largest amputee consumer advocacy organization, the Amputee Coalition. He will always be remembered.  Al’s influence and leadership within professional prosthetics involved decades worth of work and leadership culminating in his selection as the President of the American Academy of Prosthetists and Orthotists (AAOP). Al was recognized professionally as both an innovator and artist profession and was sought out by people with limb loss from around the world who could not be easily fit with a prosthesis due to the complexity of their amputation level or the trauma associated with their amputation.  Al’s pioneering leadership and keen insight led to his creating Amputees in Hollywood, a special modeling company providing “real amputees” for movie, television and stage productions when no other resource existed.  Al’s prosthetic talents were just what Hollywood needed and Al provided consultations and technical assistance to many leading entertainment production companies supporting many movies and television shows you would easily recognize.  Al was a treasure. Al was a friend. Al was a mentor – Al will be greatly missed but his legacy will live on for decades in the lives he touched, supported, and made better through his presence and humanism.  God bless, Al.  May you always have a smooth tail wind, fair skies, and the North Star to steer by.  “Gator 01”, transmission complete.

Jack Richmond, President and CEO of the Amputee Coalition, shared this personal tribute to Al Pike