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Aetna Medical Director’s Shocking Testimony

Kevin Manuel News

Upon reading that former Aetna Medical Director Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma admitted that “he never looked at patients’ records when deciding whether to approve or deny care” initial responses ranged from shock and surprise to cynical nods.

“Based on the amount of calls and complaints we receive from the people we serve, we know that frustration over insurance denials and delays is widespread,” said Jack Richmond, President and CEO of the Amputee Coalition. “Our Amplify program offers a method to directly contact leaders at their insurer to add a personal voice and perspective to the challenges of coverage of prosthetic and rehabilitative care.”

Knowing that denial of prosthetic and rehabilitative care can severely curtail the ability to be independent and mobile for someone with limb loss or limb difference, the Amplify program was launched to help give individuals a voice as well as to identify areas where policy changes could be addressed directly with insurers.

“We look forward to meeting with insurers who want to improve the connection between the review process and medical needs,” said Dan Ignaszewski, Director of Government Relations and Marketing for the Amputee Coalition. “We believe that empowering people living with limb loss and educating insurers will help make the care delivery system more relevant and accountable.”