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Two 3D printed biotic limbs in different colors, blue and white.

3D Printed Prosthetics | Where We Are Today

3D printing is a relatively new but promising technology available to professional prosthetists and amateurs alike. Free, editable designs are even available online. So anyone with access to a 3D printer and a DIY mentality can create a bespoke prosthesis at a ...continue.
Diabetic rubbing foot to relieve painful neuropathy.

A Diabetic’s Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Peripheral Neuropathy is uncomfortable and can be difficult to manage. While there is no cure, a treatment plan can help prevent the condition from worsening. It may even prevent the need for amputation. This guide serves as an introduction to treatments for ...continue.
Lower Limb amputee on sidwealk with snow

5 Tips to Safely Enjoy Winter with a Prosthetic Leg

A winter wonderland has its beauty, though you might be a bit more hesitant to go out and appreciate it with a prosthetic leg. Slippery surfaces and snow piles may be hazardous, but we have tried-and-true methods to stay steady and get ...continue.
Lower limb athlete running in front of a Rio 2016 sign.

A Beginner’s Guide to Common Types of Prosthetic Limbs

This guide introduces common categories of leg and arm amputations and prosthetics. Learn about the different types of prostheses, as well as what to expect when being fitted with a new prosthesis. Prosthesis vs. Prosthetic Many people wonder how to use the ...continue.
A hand and prosthetic limb about to touch similar to the Creation of Adam painting

How Do Prosthetic Hands Work?

Losing a hand or an arm doesn’t mean losing independence. Thousands of people across the United States have lost all or part of an upper limb due to accident, infection, cancer or diabetic neuropathy. Prosthetic hands provide functionality, mobility, and confidence to ...continue.
Lower Limb Amputee standing in front of a scooter.

Amputation Due to Diabetic Neuropathy – Management and Support Guide

If you or a loved one has had a limb removed or is at risk of amputation due to diabetic neuropathy, you are not alone. Approximately 86,000 people in the United States undergo limb loss related to diabetes annually, the majority of ...continue.
Bill Nessel

Remembering Bill Nessel

The Amputee Coalition is greatly saddened by the news of Bill Nessel’s passing. Bill was one of the faces I always looked for on the first day of conference and it was always wearing a smile. Over the years “Wild Bill” took ...continue.
TSA Travel Tips

2018 Holiday Traveling Tips – A Letter From TSA

Some important tips to help you better prepare for security screening at our Nation’s airport screening checkpoints for the 2018 holiday traveling season. In anticipation of increased wait times and long lines, we are providing the following TSA travel tips. ...continue.
Holiday Tips

Tips for managing limb loss / difference during winter weather and the holidays

The holiday season brings added joy and, potentially, added challenges to the limb loss / limb difference community. Winter weather and air travel to visit family can pose new challenges. And amidst the holiday cheer, it’s sometimes difficult to make healthy choices. ...continue.
Coming to Peace With the Challenges as a Caregiver

Choosing to Give – Coming to Peace With the Challenges as a Caregiver

Most times we are thrown into the role of caregiver unexpectedly. It was never in our plan. We had so many dreams that now seem impossible in our current role as caregiver. We may scream with our inner voice, “What about me? ...continue.
How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Being a caregiver is rewarding but it’s also a lot of stress and hard work on the caregiver themselves. You will need to avoid what is called caregiver burnout. When you are beginning as a caregiver for an amputee everyone’s emotions are ...continue.
Advocate for Recovery

Stand Up And Say Something – How Caregivers Can Advocate for Recovery

What happens now? I said these words to the doctor in the hall of the hospital, on the way to my husband’s room, before his first surgery. An accident at work had led us to this spot, and I was pretty sure ...continue.
National Family Caregiver Month

National Family Caregiver Month

November is National Family Caregiver Month, a time to thank all of the spouses, family members, and friends how support their loved one after the loss of a limb. To all the caregivers, the National Limb Loss Resource Center has created the ...continue.

Connecticut Amputee Network Co-founder Wins Community Advocate Award

Herb Kolodny, co-founder of Connecticut Amputee Network (CAN), won the Community Advocate Award for his work passing legislation that protects insurance coverage for prosthetics. Herb helped create grassroots support for the legislation and worked with CAN co-founder Brenda Novak to drive bi-partisan ...continue.
Two States Launch Their First Support Groups

Two States Launch Their First Support Groups

Two states recently started their first amputee support group, bringing the total states with registered support groups to 47. ...continue.
Icons of hurricane, fire and flood.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

As storm season begins in earnest, make sure to have a plan and know where you can find help. Take the time to learn more about disaster recovery and disaster preparedness. If you have need help now, visit these links and review ...continue.
House Passes Improvements to Medicare’s Local Coverage Program

House Passes Improvements to Medicare’s Local Coverage Program

Bill ensures a more transparent process for local coverage determinations. The Amputee Coalition urges the Senate to take action following House passage. ...continue.
Limb Loss Education Day

Limb Loss Education Day

San Antonio, West Orange and New Orleans are on our travel list! Join us to explore living well with limb loss. Great presenters, exhibitors, and adaptive activities – and lunch – make for a power-packed day. Learn more (and RSVP) today. ...continue.
Housing and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Housing and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

This recorded webinar, presented by the nonprofit Legal Aid at Work, provides practical information about your rights and housing under Title II. ...continue.

Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York: Insurance Fairness Action

Following on the heels of successful passage of Insurance Fairness legislation in Connecticut, insurance fairness is in motion in three states. ...continue.