6-year-old girl overcomes amputation by embracing sports and life

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By Ezzy Castro | 12 News Now | November 25, 2017

Addison Fawcett is your typical 6-year-old girl from Groves. She loves to play outside and enjoy outdoors.

She does not let anything hold her back.

“When she was first born…we thought she had club foot.” Said Brian Fawcett, Addison’s father

It turned out Addison was diagnosed with Tibial Hemimelia, an extremely rare disease that manifests as a shortened leg with knee and ankle deformities.

At just 11-months-old, Addison’s left leg was amputated leaving her with a prosthetic.

“It was pretty easy decision really and our particular case it wasn’t a decision it was a quality of life.” Said Jamie Hollier, Addison’s mother.

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