Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Locating a Certified Prosthetist

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Last updated 2016 –
Please understand that the Amputee Coalition cannot and does not make specific recommendations for products or services, but can only suggest possible sources, with no endorsement implied.

Support Groups

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With over 260 support groups registered with the Amputee Coalition, amputees across the country are receiving the support vital for recovery. Please use our searchable map to find a support group located near you.

Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Upper Limb Loss: Questions to Ask Your Prosthetist

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Last updated 11/2015 –
Finding a prosthetist who understands the unique issues involved with upper-limb amputation is important in getting the best functional outcome with upper-limb prostheses. Unfortunately, not all prosthetists have wide experience fitting persons with upper-limb loss, which is relatively uncommon. (Estimates of major limb loss cite 15 times as many lower-limb amputees as upper-limb amputees.[i])

Care of Your Wounds After Amputation Surgery

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Published 8/2015 –
Depending on the reason for your amputation and the state of your limb at the time of surgery, definitive closure of the wound may take place immediately, or be delayed until a later date. Wound care involves multiple phases. Here,we will review two phases of the recovery process, talk about the goal of each phase, and discuss your role in managing your surgical wound and the skin of your residual limb.

What You Need to Know About Prosthetics

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Published 07/08/2015 –
The Amputee Coalition will be hosting a series of Webinars over the next several months. The first in that series was co-sponsored by BiOM and was held on July 7. This one-hour seminar, entitled “What You Need to Know About Prosthetics,” was designed for new amputees. This seminar was taught by Brian Frasure, CP, director of clinical education, BiOM.

Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Prosthetic FAQs for the New Amputee

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Last updated 05/2015 –
You have reached a point in your journey where your residual limb is healing after your amputation and you are considering your options for a prosthesis. Thinking about your first prosthesis can be both an exciting and scary process. This will be another step in your journey toward returning to your new normal after surgery. It is important to make an informed decision about whether a prosthesis, or what kind of prosthesis, will be the right choice for you.