Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Resources for Older Adults and their Caregivers

Web Development Fact Sheet

Are you looking for information on services and resources and don’t know where to begin? Knowing how to locate community and educational resources is an invaluable tool as a caregiver or an older adult with limb loss. This fact sheet will outline general community resources and educational Web sites for frequently requested resources.

Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Survival Guide for Caregivers: De-stressing to Stay Healthy

Kevin Manuel Fact Sheet

Providing care to an individual that you love can be an opportunity to treasure. It is important to note that you must care for yourself as well in order to provide a good quality of care to your loved one. This fact sheet will explore ways to help you manage your stress. Make note of how you might fit these de-stressing activities into your life. Think of activities that you enjoy and how you might fit them in as well.