New Board Members, Board Leadership

Kevin Manuel In The News

Seth McLaughlin and Matt Swiggum have joined the Amputee Coalition board of directors, adding their executive marketing and sales experience to the talent and support that the board brings to the organization. The board’s executive leadership has changed as well, with Dan Berschinski serving as board chair and Tom Coakley stepping into the role of treasurer.

McLaughlin’s background encompasses executive and consulting roles focused on marketing, with especially strong skills in consumer branding. McLaughlin lives in Wyoming, Ohio and owns the consulting firm Springfield Advisors. “My personal experience with limb loss is what pointed me in the direction of the Amputee Coalition,” said McLaughlin, “but it is my passion for empowering people and building relationships that led me to join the board to help expand our reach and magnify our purpose.”

Swiggum is the president & CEO of Ottobock North America and lives with his family in Austin, Texas. He has worked in the field of prosthetics since 1999, and his wife, Heather, is a certified prosthetist. “Understanding the difference that access to the right care and support can make in an individual’s outcomes is what inspires me,” he commented. “Ensuring that comprehensive rehabilitation is available – and covered – is an area I want to impact with my work at the Amputee Coalition.”

This is Berschinski’s second stint as board chair, and he remains as passionate as ever about addressing the challenges faced by people with limb loss and limb difference. “Whether you lose your limb as part of military action like I did, are a child born with a limb difference, or are an adult combating limb loss related to vascular conditions, we want everyone to have the support and information they need to recover and thrive,” he stated. “Since that experience is different for everyone, it is especially critical that we build tools and education that meet the needs of the unique community we serve.”

Jack Richmond, who assumed the role of president & CEO of the Amputee Coalition on January 1, expressed excitement about the board and the direction of the organization. “Matt, Seth, Tom and Dan are great examples of the people we have brought together to accelerate and amplify our work in 2017,” Richmond commented. “We want to reach more people in more powerful ways, giving them the tools and information they need whether they are just beginning their limb loss journey or they are years in. With our solid staff and our engaged board, 2017 will be a year of growth in quality and quantity.”

The Amputee Coalition has served the nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States for more than 30 years. Our mission is to empower them through education, support and advocacy and to promote limb loss prevention. We do this through effective initiatives such as the Amputee Coalition National Limb Loss Resource Center and our peer support training program, as well as growing events such as the Amputee Coalition National Conference, the Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, and regional Limb Loss Education Days. To learn more about the board and opportunities to work with the Amputee Coalition, call 888.267.5669 or visit