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Military inStep - A Publication of the Amputee Coalition in Partnership with the U.S. Army Amputee Patient Care Program. 2005.
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The United States Armed Forces Amputee Patient Care Program

The United States ARMED FORCES Amputee Patient Care Program focuses on the full spectrum of care and management for the young, active, traumatic amputee patient.

Military Tanks and exposionBeginning with the training of surgeons to manage combat casualties who have lost or will lose a limb, the program supports service members as they return to their highest level of activity, whether they return to active duty or transition into Veterans Health Administration programs and the civilian community.

By incorporating leading-edge technology and collaborating on research efforts with the Veterans Health Administration and civilian institutions, those involved with the Amputee Patient Care Program hope to learn lessons from the care and management of this young, highly athletic population that can be applied to all of our service members.

The Amputee Patient Care Centers are the core of the U.S. Armed Forces program, with military healthcare facilities in other regions mirroring their capabilities. In addition, the integration of tele09/07/2006ram permits physicians worldwide to review patient care plans and discuss the latest patient care options.

The program’s board of directors, comprised of amputees, family members, and medical professionals, provides oversight and serves in an advisory capacity to focus the vision of the program. The Board also represents the public by monitoring and advising the program, its planning and its expenditures and by serving as an ambassador corps for the program’s many facets.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the Amputee Coalition, the Department of the Army, the Army Medical Department, or any other agency of the US Government.

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