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01: Wrapping with an elastic bandage – BK

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

02: Wrapping with an elastic bandage – AK

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

03: Applying a shrinker

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

04: Donning an AK prosthesis with a full suction socket

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

05: Using a walker

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

06: Using crutches

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

07: Using a cane

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

08: Getting the most out of a dynamic response foot

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

09: Getting up from the floor

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees ...continue.

AMPLIFY Yourself on Social Media

Published  08/30/2017 - Learn about the Amplify initiative and how you can be heard via social media. The webinar includes an overview and specific tips for great content for social media. ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #1 – The Specialist

Published 8/18/2015 - In this first video of the series, Danielle Melton, MD, director of the Amputee Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital in Houston, Texas and chair of ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #2 – Moving Forward

Published 8/18/2015 - Setting goals is an important part of the rehabilitation process following the loss of a limb. Jack Richmond, Amputee Coalition board member, talks about his rehabilitation experience ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #3 – A Community of Peers

Published 8/18/2015 - Talking with and being around other individuals with limb loss helps to normalize your experience and reassure you that a full life is possible after the loss ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #4 – The Prosthetist

Published 8/18/2015 - For many, living with limb loss involves the use of a prosthesis to walk or do everyday tasks. Sam Hale, MSOP, CPO/L, director of prosthetics at Fillauer ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #5 – Being an Amputee

Published 8/18/2015 - After the loss of a limb, many individuals experience discomfort in social settings or develop anxiety about being in public. Regaining a sense of comfort with your ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Series: Video #6 – Living Life Differently

Published 8/18/2015 - Living with limb loss will require ongoing awareness and management of health and medical conditions related to the amputation of a limb. These include a range of ...continue.

Amputees’ Balance – Getting Started: The Ball-Rolling Exercise

Published 7/13/2015 - Struggling with balance and mobility? In this video, Dr. Carol Miller, professor of physical therapy at the University of North Georgia, will guide you through a simple ...continue.

Amputees’ Balance – Taking It to the Next Level: The Cup-Walking Exercise

Published 7/13/2015 - It’s time to take it to the next level with your balance and mobility when using your prosthesis. Dr. Carol Miller, professor of physical therapy at the ...continue.

Caring for the Caregiver

Published 05/18/2016 - Presented by Deb Velez, R.N., M.N., G.N.P.-BC, - Pave (Prevention of Amputation in Veteran’s Everywhere) Coordinator VA San Diego Healthcare System and Amputee Coalition SciMAC member This ...continue.

Cooking Tips for Upper-Limb Amputees

Published 7/13/2015 - Do you have upper-limb loss and find yourself struggling in the kitchen when preparing a meal? Deborah Hutton, senior occupational therapist with MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, along ...continue.

Dave and Gail: The Caregivers

Published 1/19/2016 - Dave and Gail Whitty have weathered some difficult times. After an accident that left Dave without both of his arms, they have both had to make some ...continue.

Dr. Crandell: Independence For All

Published 1/22/2016 - In this video, Dr. David Crandell from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston discusses resuming an independent and active lifestyle after an amputation. Dr. Crandell talks about how ...continue.

Heather and Posie: The Active Life

Published 1/19/2016 - Posie and Heather are both amputees and belong to two different age groups, but they both have something in common: their active lifestyle. This video, featuring these ...continue.

High-Level Lower Limb Amputation Webinar

Published 09/21/2016 - High-level limb differences create some unique challenges, and rehabilitation and treatment can be very specialized. We’ve brought together double the expertise: two clinicians and two people with ...continue.

How to Make Better Food Choices…and Why It Matters as an Amputee

Published 7/13/2015 - As an amputee with limited mobility, you are at higher risk for disease. It is extremely important to monitor what you eat in order to decrease your ...continue.

How to Request a Certified Peer Visitor

Published 7/14/2015 - Talking with another amputee can give you much-needed encouragement and support. You’ve heard about the benefits of a certified peer visitor but may be wondering how to ...continue.

Living With Limb Loss: What Amputees Can Expect During the First Six Months Post-Surgery

Published 7/14/2015 - The first six months post-surgery will be full of challenges. This is the period of time where you can define what living a full and productive life ...continue.

LLAM: Telling Your Story

Published 04/04/2017 - Telling your story in an engaging and persuasive way is important. We will share practical tips and examples to help make sharing your story a meaningful experience ...continue.

Medicare LCD Proposal Webinar

Published 08/19/2015 - This is a recording of the Amputee Coalition Webinar on Medicare's Proposed Changes to Amputee Care, recorded at 1pm on August 19, 2015. You can view a ...continue.

Mike: Everyday Dad

Published 1/19/2016 - Being a parent is such a wonderful blessing, but as an amputee you sometimes worry about your ability to take care of your family. In this video, ...continue.