Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that we hear frequently, and we wanted to give you some quick answers. There is no substitute for a conversation and personalized response, though, and we look forward to hearing from you.

A:  If you, a family member or friend have recently become an amputee, a wide range of information can be found in our New Amputee Packet.  Follow this link to request one today:
A:  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide funding for help with obtaining prosthetics, medical equipment, electric bills, rent, or other similar needs.  However, the Resource Center maintains a list of organizations which do provide financial assistance for prosthetic limbs and medical equipment.  That information can be found here:

Additionally, we offer two scholarships each year for college students and a limited amount of financial assistance is available through the Amputee Coalition for attendance to our National Conference each year.  Follow this link for more information on these scholarships:

A:  If you would like to locate a support group in your area, check out our Support Group Locator here:

If you would like to request a visit or phone call from a Certified Peer Visitor, call the Resource Center at 888-267-5669 or request a Peer Visit online by completing this form:

A:  We understand that amputation can present a wide range of challenges depending on each individual’s needs.  If you are looking for contact information on state specific resources (such as your state’s Department of Protection and Advocacy, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc) follow this link to find contact information for your state’s resources:

If you have more specific questions or need help locating organizations which serve your local area, we’d love to connect you with a Resource Specialist. You can call the Resource Center at 888-267-5669 or submit your request online here:

A:  We do not have the ability to collect and distribute used prosthetics or single shoes.  If you have used limbs or single shoes to donate, check out the organizations listed on the following fact sheet for more information on groups who are able to accept these donations.

You can find state specific resources (here). For help locating resources in your area, call the Resource Center at: 888/267-5669

We would love to help with your questions, too. We have publications like First Step, a New Amputee Packet, and our Insurance and Reimbursement Guide, plus dozens of fact sheets, research and resources we can share. Please feel free to call 888/267-5669 during business hours or send us your question via our contact form.