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52 in Motion Volume 21, Issue 5 September/October 2011

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AK Leg Cover

Did you know that you could cover your AK prosthesis with a SleeveArt ® full leg cover? This one is covered with yellow static, but you could choose from over 70 styles, including some skin styles right from our Web site. Our AK full leg covers are fabricated from spandex with a 4-way stretch. It helps pants to slide and prevents tear-ing. You can pull it on for a funky look, then pull it off and wash it with your laundry.

SleeveArt ® prosthetic leg covers were devel-oped for BK amputees, but are now available for AK amputees as well. If you don’t like the full leg look, stand by. We are developing an MPK cover to be available soon.

To learn more about SleeveArt ® prosthetic covers and laminating sleeves, please visit If you don’t have a computer, just call Joanne at 954/646-1026 and she will mail you some information. Fred’s Legs, Inc. Dania Beach, Florida

The NEWRe-Flex Shock by Össur: Work Hard. Play Hard.

Össur announces the new Re-Flex Shock, the ultimate in vertical shock absorption and dynamic energy return for active patients. With a design originat-ing from Össur’s Re-Flex VSP, the original and unparalleled vertical shock foot, Re-Flex Shock offers all the benefts of its predecessor and much more! Featur-ing increased energy return, improved durability, easier ftting and fnishing, and the EVO feature for smoother walking, this foot takes vertical shock feet to

the next level and is the ideal solution for amputees who demand the ultimate in performance and comfort.

For more information visit our Web site at or call 800/233-6263.

LimbLogic ® VS is the only waterproof electronic vacuum suspension system available in the prosthetic market. Exceeding the electronic industry stan-dards for water submersion, LimbLogic VS may be completely immersed in fresh water and continue to provide vacuum suspension.

For Filip Carroll, a transtibial amputee, the waterproof feature aids him as an active lifeguard instructor. Being able to wear his LimbLogic VS prosthesis at the pool without concern allows him to remain focused on his students. “While instructing, I transition from poolside to in the water constantly. I don’t have to think or worry about get-ting my limb wet or not,” shares Filip. “Having the reliability of the vacuum suspension and it being waterproof, I can confdently demonstrate techniques and thoroughly instruct my students safely.”

The system’s handheld remote-control unit is not waterproof and should never be exposed to water.

For information, contact your prosthe-tist orWillowWoodat 800/848-4930 or

Waterproof Vacuum Suspension with LimbLogic ® VS

Page 52 - inmotion-21-05-web

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