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by Natalie Fish, BSc (PT)

The Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC) continues to grow and develop. The ACC has been working together with the Franklin Fund for a number of years and since the beginning of the year we have been solidifying our partnership. With Paul Franklin as our fundraising chair, we are excited to announce our involvement with the Heroes Hockey Chal-lenge. This exciting charity event features National Hockey League (NHL) alumni and members of the Canadian Forces playing in fve cities: Vancouver, Edmon-ton, Toronto, Montréal and Halifax. The cities were chosen based on their size and proximity to major military bases or strong connections to the Canadian Forces and the NHL. Heroes Hockey Challenge will schedule a hockey game between the NHL alumni and soldiers from the Canadian Forces. In each city we will be hosted in the main venues used by the NHL and all net proceeds raised through this event will go to the Amputee Coalition of Canada and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Foundation, and through

Canadian med

please visit We are also working on updating our Web site at The site now features more information on the Coalition, its policies, programs, services and activities. Also, we have just launched ourselves into the world of social media! We invite you to follow us on Face-book and LinkedIn.

The Amputee Coalition of Canada now offers two of the Amputee Coalition’s proven programs at no charge to Cana-dians who have suffered limb loss: the Peer Visitor Program and the Promoting Amputee Life Skills (PALS) Program. The ACC is grateful to the Amputee Coalition and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for facilitating and support-ing the implementation of these programs in Canada. The number of Canadians who undergo amputation each year is signif-cantly smaller than the United States and yet they face many of the same struggles and challenges as others south of the border. Until the Amputee Coalition of

active community participation.

The ACC is now offering two new programs:

The Freedom Through Sport Program was developed by the Franklin Fund-Northern Alberta Amputee Program and consists of Active Amputee Clinics orga-nized around different sporting and recre-ational activities to increase the awareness of ftness, sports and recreation opportuni-ties for active people who have undergone amputation.

The creation of the Canadian Amputee Research Awards will provide funding for amputee research into innovative technolo-gies and treatment techniques for people who have undergone limb loss. Currently, there is very little Canadian funding for research to improve the quality of lives of people with limb loss.

The mission of the ACC is “To pro-vide educational tools and programs designed to support the needs of

Amputee Coalition of Canada

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